Strange Vids Featuring TMS: Music for Fetishes + “Jean-Paul” + Awesome new Youtube feature that may help us sell some music to fetishists!

All right kids, you may remember the last time we posted an interesting fetish video from Youtube featuring the music of The Motion Sick as the soundtrack for a fully clothed guy soaking himself in the bathtub….well, now we’ve got a video that arguably tops it.  It’s simply a video of a foot…featuring “Jean-Paul” by The Motion Sick.  Remember, this entire set of posts about Strange Videos Featuring The Motion Sick‘s music began with a very disturbing video of horses having sex, which has thankfully been removed from Youtube.

In good news, Youtube has also added a new feature. If you check out any video that has our music in it, the video contains links to buy the music on Amazon and iTunes. Pretty nice! Maybe we’ll make millions selling “Jean-Paul” to foot fetishists…until then, I’ll just keep dreaming!

In case you all also don’t know, “Jean-Paul” was written by Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling‘s Sophia Cacciola.

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