Huge thanks from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library for being part of our sold-out CD release show at The Middle East Down!!!

A huge, huge thanks from all of the wings of the library for making our sold out CD release a smashing success!!! We really appreciate your kind and generous outpouring of support and we had more fun than we ever could have imagined. Huge thanks as well to Ryan Schmidt, Endway, and McAlister Drive for making it a night to remember!  Super extra thanks to our amazing merch helpers Katie Mastrogiacomo, Chris Dryer, and Erica Truncale.

Buy our CD at:
Tons of photos and videos are pouring in from all over, but they are not quite all posted yet, so here’s just a bit of a taste. Check back for more soon!

Photos by Rachel Leah Blumenthal and Joel Edinberg

Some videos thanks to Bob Colby!
Small Crack
Holy Ghost

Here’s just a little bit from a camera I placed on a side speaker during our set. Here is “Stranger”

…and some Thank yous! (see this full thank you post for more details)

Some other sources for photos (send along any additional ones and I’ll add them here):

Gonzalo Plaza Photography:

Rachel Leah Blumenthal’s set on Facebook:

Matthew Simoneau:

EKS Productions:

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