Sophia and Michael talk The Once and Future Smash / End Zone 2 on L8 Night Ghouls for Chattanooga Film Festival – with Bill Weeden, Michael St. Michaels, Neal Jones

l8 Night Ghouls
Chattanooga Film Fest Livecast for The Once and Future Smash/End Zone 2 with Michael St. Michaels and Bill Weeden


Join Crazysexyghoul and Pretty h8 Machine as they go live with filmmakers  Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, producer Neal Jones, and stars Bill Weeden and Michael St. Michaels to talk about the mockumentary horror/comedy The Once and Future Smash and the accompanying faux grindhouse horror classic End Zone 2. Recorded and presented by The Chattanooga Film Festival. 

Ghouls theme music by The Last Drive-In’s John Brennan!

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