Sophia shot some additional footage for Kate McCoid’s My First Dick – streaming now!

Kate McCoid worked with us on The Transformations of the Transformations of the Drs. Jenkins, but she also makes her own brilliant and hilarious films, of course…

My First Dick
Based on a true story, set in the year 2000. It has been exactly 365 days since Hannah stumbled across Lolo Ferrari in the 1999 Guinness World Book of Records at the school library, which ignited a fiery obsession of drawing women with giant knockers. Today is Hannah’s 11th birthday and she only wants one thing – to see a p*nis

Best Comedy Short at Snake Alley Festival of Film

Best East Anglian Film at Norwich Film Festival

Bizarroland Film Festival
Exit6 Film Festival
LOCO Festival
Underwire Festival

Kate’s previous film is brilliant, too!


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