Sophia is cinematographer and Michael assists on Ama Lea’s “Don’t Fuck with Anne Margaret”

A little bit Clueless and a little bit American Psycho.

Anne Margaret finds a solution to the age old “boys will be boys” problem in this neon soaked short horror film starring Eden Andrews and Chance Caeden. Written and Directed by Ama Lea

Eden Andrews (Anne Margaret)-
Chance Caeden (Jackson)-
Marilyn Morales (girl scout) –
Jared Rivet (Gardener)-
Sophia Cacciola, Cinematographer-
Michael J Epstein, AC, Sound, Gaff, etc-
Brandon Scullion, Editor, Sound-
Jessie Seitz, FX Make up
Ama Lea, Writer, Director, Producer, Costumes-

Huge thank you to Brendan Petrizzo and the folks at The Asylum for the chainsaw assist. Thank you to Just Scare Me for always giving me a filmmaking home. Thank you to Jennifer Lauren and Pretty Random for additonal costuming. Thank you to the parents that helped make this short film possible! Lainie Armstrong, Richard Morales, and Jennifer Lauren!

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