Sophia and Michael appear as spectators in Tori Pope’s “Salomé: Do Not Dance, My Daughter”


Salomé is a young princess obsessively in love with John the Baptist, a prophet who has been taken prisoner by her stepfather for publicly shaming her mother. Because John hates Salomé’s family, he has no interest in her. This rejection deeply stings Salomé’s heart. When Salomé’s stepfather, Herod (who has an unhealthy interest in her) wants her to dance for him on his birthday, Salomé hesitates. Her mother begs her not to. But Salomé has a plan. Herod offers her anything if she will dance for him, and she chooses the head of John the Baptist as revenge for both her mother and herself. When Herod experiences Salomé’s vengeance, he decides to have her destroyed.


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