Sophia and Michael are interviewed on The Walter Paisley Movie House Podcast

We had a wonderful time discussing our films and more on The Walter Paisley Movie House Podcast.

Today I talk to two of the most prolific and busiest independent filmmakers working. Between them, Michael and Sophia have over 70 credits ranging from writing, directing, cinematography, acting, editing, and scoring. We are also joined by professional makeup artist, Julie Powers. We talk about how the pandemic affected the business and the things they did to continue working despite being locked down. We also talk about their influences, how they learned as they created, and why it’s sometimes just best to make a movie about your dog being a vampire. We also discuss the cheesy joy of The Prisoner, making music, and why gore is always more fun that dialogue.

We pick up where we left off, talking about the legendary Bill Weeden. We then get into the joys and headaches of distribution, what makes a film a cult movie, and also mention Indiana film folks like my old friend Scott Schirmer (Forbidden Films) and Josh Hull (Glorious). We also talk Hammer movies, convention culture, merkins, and dicks on screen.

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