The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick Kate Klim

I had a really funny experience last night. I was playing a show at Evos in Lowell with Kate Klim ) and Leesa ( Kate brought her whole band and they were setting up prior to my playing, so I figured, hey, I’ll see if they’ll play a song with me. So, I got them to play “God Hates Kansas” and it was really fun. It was sort of crazy bar rock with ripping solos and stuff. It was enjoyable enough that I convinced them to play the whole set with me. I ended up breaking a string early on and so I barely played guitar at all once they got the hang of the songs and every song had a guitar solo or two, some had keyboard solos, some had many repeated choruses, etc. Spontaneity is fun. Fred said it was like a jam-band version of The Motion Sick and he spent the whole time trying to come up with names for it: Widespread Motion Sick, The Grateful Sick, The Motion Sick Incident…and finally, The Motion Psick. Needless to say, it was fun and those guys (and gal) picked up the songs really well.

The Motion Sick Motion Sickness Motion Sick