The Motion Sick: Latest The Motion Sick E-mail

Hello Travellers,

What has…

1 political song, 1 pseudopolitical song, 1 song that is grossly
misinterpreted, 1 song that sometimes people think is about zombies, 1 song
about the US Postal Service, 1 song about the big top and the big screen, 1
song about obsession, 1 song about technological failure, 1 song about the
catastrophic effects of celestial bodies named “wearing long hair” by
Artistotle, 1 song about irresponsible medical practitioners, 1 song about
repentance, 0 words that you can’t say on TV, and 0 wardrobe malfunctions?

That’s right, it’s just about here. The time has come for you to hear some clips from the upcoming album, Her Brilliant Fifteen.

On the orders web site: you can now hear clips of all of the tracks from Her Brilliant Fifteen. It has been a year of hard work for the many people involved and we really hope you’ll love it…

Also, we are sending out free limited edition, one-time-only, larger-than-life, better-than-other-things postcards. All you need to do is reply with your postal address and we’ll get one out to you right away. We won’t sell your address to anyone or throw rocks at your house. All that will happen is that you will receive a really shiny postcard. Also, if you’d love a postcard, but you’d also love your friend to receive one, send both of your addresses! That’s how much fun we’re having. Never get any good mail? It’s time for a The Motion Sick postcard.

Oh, and of course, if you buy the album now, you will have it sooner than anyone else in the entire universe, except the other people who buy it now. Everyone else will have to wait until 2006!

May your hats prevent you from getting sunburned,

The Motion Sick