The Motion Sick: Morrissey and Woody Allen

A dispatch from Mark Sandman Square
Posted by Jed Gottleib at 3:48 pm

Across the river in Cambridge, NEMO’s first night seems to be going the same as it was Allston. None of the Middle East’s venues are full and neither is TT the Bear’s, but none of the bands suck.

Around 11:30 the best of the bunch is The Motion Sick at the Mid East Upstairs. Part of the ASCAP & Planetary showcase, the Motion Sick epitomize indie rock. The four guys in the band all wear thin-but-not-skinny neck ties. The girl plays keyboards and tambourine while dancing in high boots and a short skirt. The whole band can play and dance but they’re a few well-written songs away from being mind blowing.

The three best things about them:

1. The guitarist takes 30 seconds to tune his guitar mid-song before he takes it off and rubs it against his amp in a dissonant feedback storm.

2. The frontman looks like 50 percent Morrissey, 50 percent Woody Allen. If it seems strange you are over thinking it: Morrissey=Allen. They are both cult-figures, nerds, geniuses and have both got some really weird sexual stuff going on. I think they both like sweaters, and maybe French films and writers.

3. There are more people in this tiny room than the massive hall below. By midnight, the Mid East Downstairs is almost empty.

By the time I get to the Abbey Lounge it’s 12:30 and the night’s over. Time to check out the tote.