The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick Update: This Sunday at The Milky Way and more…

Friends, Mexican dumpy frogs, and Enemies,

First, we want to thank everyone who voted for us in the Band of the Year competition. We were honored and amazed by how many of you came together and worked to get votes for us. The Boston Herald even did its best to drum up local media support ( ). In the end, we didn’t defeat The Ex-Boyfriends (an excellent and very nice band from San Francisco). We wish them the best in the finals! Show them some love over at:

We’re really looking forward to the plans for 2007! We’ll be heading into the studio very soon to record the follow-up to our LP, _Her Brilliant Fifteen_. If you come check us out live over the next few months, you’ll be hearing more and more of the songs from this future release. We’re also looking forward to seeing many of you this Summer as we travel around the Eastern half of the US.

For those of you outside our touring radius, don’t fret, we’ll also be previewing some of these songs on some upcoming radio gigs and a soon-to-be-released podcast session.

For those of you that celebrate the fine tradition of Chief Executivity this coming Monday by relieving yourself from work duties, start the celebration with us early! We’ll be playing Sunday night at The Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, MA to celebrate not only the 43 US Presidents, but also those leaders that preceded the constitution (see: and )

Sunday 02/18/07
The Milky Way
Jamaica Plain, MA
w/The Channels, Okay Thursday

The Motion Sick