The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick Update – This Friday at TT’s and so much more…

Hello Friends,

So many exciting things on the horizon in The Motion Sick land.

We wrapped up 5 days of shooting for our music video for the song, “30 Lives” from our upcoming release. Photos are available at:

The Boston Metro wrote up a piece on it at:

We also just returned to our homes from an electrostatic recording session with Nate Wilson (formerly of Percy Hill, presently of The Nate Wilson Group and Assembly of Dust). Nate tickled the ivories and the plastics and the knobs for some key-related sounds for the forthcoming recording.

For the Boston kids…this Friday, we’ll be playing on a bill so good, it’s almost frightening.

TT the Bear’s Place
Cambridge, MA
12 AM – The Luxury –
11 PM – Cassavettes –
10 PM – The Sterns –
9 PM – The Motion Sick

On 08/27/07 (12 AM night of 8/26), WERS will be airing a pre-recorded live performance, featuring two songs off our upcoming album, during The Left End (the show starts at midnight). Tune in to 88.9 FM in Boston or listen online at:
(for those of you who miss it, we’ll see if we can get it posted some time later on)

Keep an eye on us, we’ll definitely be causing trouble in September with our video release show at The Pill and in October when we unskinny bop over to our Halloween Hair Hayride. We’ll also be announcing some Fall tour dates very, very soon…so keep your screen savers off.

See you soon.

The Motion Sick