The Motion Sick: Trivialities Migration: The News: Least Compelling and Twist Ending

I am going to be migrating some of the materials from another blog on over to here…

It’s time yet again for the least compelling news item of the (however often I post one):

NYC baby born with 12 fingers, 12 toes

“His dad was born with an extra finger on his left hand. His mom, Quana Morris, said she’d had an ultrasound image taken during her pregnancy and knew the baby would have extra fingers.
“We were counting them on the sonogram,” she told the Daily News.
She didn’t know he would have 12 toes, she said. He’ll have all the extra digits surgically removed in a couple of weeks, his mom said.”

Wow! Glad I read that one!

Now, get ready for a twist ending:

It’s more or less a boring article about parents dealing with lack of information provided by film ratings and whether or not their kids should see certain movies…then, out of nowehere, the article ends with:

“Gerry Vaerewyck, of West Deer, believes his sons have reaped the benefits of a fairly strict family policy of “no crude programming,” most notably two years ago, when he and his wife told his son and a friend that, “since the day was beautiful, to go outside and find something to do,” he recalled.
“They went for a walk deep into the woods just before dark, and came across a hunter with a stick in his femoral artery. They saved the man’s life. While it’s to a great deal just luck that they were there, if they had been typical teens indoors watching some movie, the hunter would have had no chance at all.””