The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick – The truth will catch you, just wait…

Hello Friends!

01.01.2008 – That is the date that your lives will change forever. That is the date that all things will happen. That is the date that The Motion Sick’s second album, The truth will catch you, just wait… will be released on Naked Ear Records.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we’ve got a few secrets to tell. You’ll notice from our recent photos that we’ve been experimenting with time travel. Our time-skipping payload was limited, but we were able to obtain one copy of The truth will catch you, just wait… from which materials were scientifically extracted and cloned. This delicate process has allowed us to bring to you several limited-time and several unlimited-time opportunities.

If you make your way over to our web site ( ), you will find that you are now able to listen to clips of songs from our upcoming release. If you are very sly and visit our myspace presence ( ), you might even catch some full-length streams.

Despite the numbers and the odds, we’re so confident that we can bend our calendars once more to get CDs to you before Boxing Day that we’re taking orders for CDs and MP3s now at:

Most secret of all (SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!) is that we have a super-special exclusive offer from the future for a very limited time (one week!). This week only, you can order our mailing-list special. For a small amount of quickly deflating American currency, you will receive (as soon as available):
1 CD copy of The truth will catch you, just wait…
1 CD copy of Her Brilliant Fifteen
1 T-Shirt (You Select the Size, Random Color)
and most special of all, you Will Be E-mailed access to an MP3 download of The truth will catch you, just wait… within 24 hours
Visit our for-your-eyes-only website at:

Remember, even if you have a copy of our first album and seven t-shirts (one for each day of the week), these items make wonderful, fabulous Boxing Day gifts to leave in the boxing gloves hanging from the fireplace.

Due to customs regulations, solar flares, and border patrols for rogue copies of The truth will catch you, just wait…, this self-destructing offer is available only to our friends in the U.S. and Canada.

(Let us know if a check is on the way and we can help speed things along – )

For those of you who want to remain far behind the arc of great new music, we present to you the documentation of one of our time-travel SNAFUs in which we were transformed into a hair-metal band. This is merely one of the many side effects of temporal flux experienced by The Motion Sick:

May you skip gently across the waves of time,
The Motion Sick