The Motion Sick: My fave CD of 2007


I didn’t buy or listen to very much in the way of new music in 2007. I did however get attached to the Modest Mouse record, “We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank”. I think it was my favorite thing to listen to in 2007. The record took me on a journey and enlightened my musical psyche. I love their choice of instrumentation on many of the songs and I fell in love with just about every vocal performance by Isaac Brock delivered. His raw passion and intensity totally blew me away.
I think my favorite song on the record is Parting of the Sensory. Very dark and creepy chorus as well as a very explosive outro/ending. Again, the vocals blew me away. I also really love Spitting Venom, it takes so many twists and turns, you just never know how the song is going to end up. Love the horns!
I think the Rilo Kiley record, “Under The Blacklight” is also a great piece of indie pop. It sounds very much like a Fleetwood Mac record, which is probably why I really like the slight departure, and why Mike probably doesn’t… Either way, it’s a good pop record that leaves me wanting more.
If you’re reading this, than I suggest you look for the Manchester Orchestra’s newest release as well as Sea Wolf. 2 bands I’ve been digging.