The Motion Sick: Equilibrium and A Boy and His Dog

I am definitely a science fiction nerd.  Recently watched two films: – 

Equilibrium – Not a bad movie, but disturbingly derivative.  THX-1138 vs. The Matrix, but better than the latter…not so much the former.  Christian Bale is decent, the cinematography is not bad, but the script is almost literally just a collage of pages from other sci-fi movies. 

A Boy and His Dog – You’ll think I’m kidding…a post-apocalyptic desert loner (Don Johnson, pre-Miami Vice) telepathically communicates with his canine companion, a super-intelligent mutt whose primary function is to “sniff out” women for copulation (with Don Johnson, not the dog).  Donnie’s fortuitous meeting with one female results in a visit to a secret underground society where the people live based on what they know about Topeka, Kansas.  This section is a bizarre commentary on small-town gilding and the perversion of law and obedience.  The movie is somewhat dull, silly, and odd, but it makes up for any shortcomings in the last 10 seconds.  I’ve been telling people that I can’t really recommend the movie, but that they should see it anyway.