The Motion Sick: Friday Quick Hit

So today we were supposed to start our tour. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to leave because Mike is really ill. Totally sucks, the guy can’t even speak. He was feeling under the weather most of the week and pushed through as much as he could. Mad props to Mike. We’re really disappointed we had to cancel tonight and Saturday’s performances, but we’ll make it up to NYC and Philly, we promise!
I want to take an opportunity to thank everyone who came out to our CD release show on Wednesday night. We rocked hard and that’s the truth. Thank you to Bryan McPherson for hosting and also to Jason Bennet and The Resistance for rocking the opener. We had a lot of fun and Church is a cool venue, so thanks to them too.
We are really anxious and excited to get this tour underway, so please come out and see us in your city! We promise to bring you an awesome rock experience. If we don’t and you’re not satisfied, Patrick will do the Humpty Dance… We GUARANTEE you will be entertained by that. I’m ready to rock and so should you. Viva The Motion Sick!