The Motion Sick: Out with the old, in with the new

Due to a lack of hard drive space; I was forced to reinitialize my iPod so I could backup some much needed files. In doing so, I had to erase ALL of my music.
Now I only have a 20GB iPod (complete with monochrome display) so there was no way my entire library would fit, but there was still enough space to have a couple hundred records. After my initial shock of not having 3500 different songs to listen to, I realized that my loss became an opportunity to allow myself to listen to new artists or records that I haven’t listened to in years. So, even though I’ve had some of the newly loaded records in my digital library for some time, I keep finding there are songs that I have never heard, period.

As an aside; I was searching for a new record or album to review and I think I’ve finally found the way to do it. I have a ritual where I erase my iPod every month.