The Motion Sick: Pre Tour Blog – Matt

Welcome to my little segment of The Motion Sick’s tour blog-spot.

To recap some pre-tour activities, we had our official CD-Release show on Wednesday, the 27th. This was the first time we had played this new venue in town, called Church. It was formerly known as the Linwood Grille and I had been there a handful of times before the change over. I was impressed with the facelift the room received. The show went quite well. I want to thank the faculty from Ai who all came to the show (Rob Lehmann, Dave Lefkowitz, Monte McGuire, Allan Kraut, and Barry Marshall) as well as Jordan Tishler who all had part in making the record happen. The only problem with the gig was Mike had been really damn sick, which of course, spiraled into the flu, postponing our NYC and Philly show. Canceling those shows happened to work out for me too; since I on Friday I ended up getting the flu and had to leave work early and ended up sleeping for 16 straight hours. The rest of my weekend mainly consisted of sleeping, packing, and trying to rest as much as possible.