The Motion Sick: Friday 3/7/08 – Matt – Update

Update… the snow flurry, which looked harmless has now turned into a decent sized storm. After several phone calls with the other bands and the venue, we made the executive decision to cancel the show. On a side note, a reporter from the Jackson Sun happened to walk in looking for the people’s reaction to the snow. At this point, only us in the band happened to be in the Starbucks and we ended up telling her our story and we took some pictures. So we got a little free publicity (hopefully) since that’s about all that happened in Jackson.

The drive to the hotel was totally harrowing. While there wasn’t a ton of snow, clearly, they don’t own any snowplows in the entire state of Tennessee so the roads were horrendous. It took us 3 hours to drive what would’ve taken us an hour and 15 minutes on a good day. We made it though to the hotel.

The other guys were hungry, so we went to this completely greasy-spoon diner… it was probably the dirtiest place I’ve been to in quite some time. I honestly did not trust a damn thing in there, but I had to get something, so I opted for the raisin toast. The waitress, a verbose woman from Alabama (who seemed ageless; she could’ve been an old 35 or a young 65) was giving me a hard time because I wasn’t eating enough. However, my meal was the cheapest, since it was only $2.16 for some raisin toast and a tea.

When we got back to the hotel; Pat, Travis, and I were going to try and hit the pool; but it was closed. Patrick was begging at the door for a while and Travis and I headed back up so I could finish this update. We’re going to hit the hay; see you on the flip side.