The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick Tour 2008 – 3/9 – Tulsa, OK – Travis

Other than the really friendly people, Tulsa did nothing to impress me. The city was dead as dead could be. I did really dig the staff and patrons of The Sound Pony, they were all mad cool. The bartender was awesome, I wish I could remember his name, we ran into him in Austin as well. Cool dude.

The Sound Pony isn’t really a music venue, not really set up for one. Again, I had a lot of trouble hearing anything because there were no monitors and all of the amps were in front of me. During the end of Grace Kelly, both my sticks broke, so I started bashing my drums with my hands… STUPID FUCKING MOVE!!! I totally knew better, but I was in the zone and in the moment so I needed to do something… I thought I either broke or fractured my right hand, it immediately swelled up like a balloon. I’m such a dumb ass. Fortunately, no serious damage occurred, just really sore and swollen hands for a few days.

Also, while bashing away with my hands, Mike decided to jump up on my kit. Mike must not have taken his agility pill that morning because he wobbled for half a second and started falling right towards the pane glass window directly behind me. In watching this, I’m also noticing that he’s about to impale his leg on my ride cymbal and stand, so I quickly gave him a push back towards the stage. I got him just in time because I swear he would have NOT been feeling good if he fell. I’m talking Emergency Room visit not feeling well.

I was able to catch The Silent Years, who I thought were terrific. Very cool music from those kids. They are also very super nice people, so it was nice to chat with them. The Boston band Neptune closed out the night. I’m not really a fan of what they do, mostly because the high pitched frequency noise they make, really hurts my ears. I guess I’m sensitive like that. I totally respect and appreciate what they’re doing, I just have a hard time physically listening to it. At one point during their performance, some dude decided to take a potted tree and stick it down his pants. He also dumped all of the dirt from the pot on the floor and started playing with it. Not sure what that was all about, but I was entertained by it anyway.

A local named Kate came up to me and complimented my playing, which was very sweet. It turns out she also let us crash at her house in Tulsa. She’s an artist and listens to freaking great music. She was great to hang out with and talk to. She also had mad comfortable furniture! I wish there was more to Tulsa, but I think it’s a Mon-Fri, 9-5 kinda city, ya know? Not much going down. I hope that changes.