The Motion Sick: Patrick – 3/3/08 – Delaware

After a relaxing three days off of work we finally decided everyone was healthy enough to hit the road. I am sure you all know the story of Mike’s near death causing illness so I won’t retell it. The good thing was I got three days off that I didn’t expect and because of that was much more prepared to hit the road, including finally finishing my custom built pedal board that has been mostly in the theoretical stage but in just three days it materialized into reality and has been functioning perfectly so far. I will have mike post photos of it.

So Monday morn was the day we decided to leave. Our destination Delaware, Oh it must be gorgeous there. I was due in Somerville to pick up Travis and Mike at 10:30 am and I was pretty darn near almost on time, Yeah I was bitches! I even had time to get my glasses fixed. I tell you I am a changed man when it comes to punctuality.

I picked up everyone and we hit the road at 12:30ish and we drove…

On the way the only thing that came as a surprise was that Mike was planning on videoing everything for our blog, side note “blog” is not in Microsoft Word’s dictionary.

I am sorry to report that either nothing exciting enough to remember occurred or nothing exciting happened at all. That must make for some fun blog reading. Maybe the other guys remembered or made something up.

I recall in the past tour blogs our old friend and band mate Jane would remark on all the things she ate, we however are mostly sustaining on PB&J, granola bars and Travis’s brownies, yes I am talking about baked goods, but don’t tell him I have been eating them including the second to last one just a few moments ago. I believe there is some video footage of him waking me up and accusing me of consuming more then my share, anyways the food isn’t worth mentioning and the only other thing I consider worth mentioning consistently is my bowel movements, the where and when’s, and of what texture, but I will save you from hearing any of that except that I have cut milk out of my diet and with the exception of one bad experience brought on by a bagel with cream cheese this dietary decision has changed the way I conduct my business.

We arrive at the club, MOJO 13. Some of us show concern. Travis and I go into investigate. The place is pretty awesome, with a side show theme and a swinging spider web chair hanging from the bar, which I think I some how missed in my video tour of the club. Not much to report about our performance, it was okay, a fairly good start to our tour and acceptable turn out for a Monday night. What is worth mentioning is just how nice the owners and staff at the MOJO 13 are. They are nice people, I may move there and marry Trish the bar owner and operator. What do you say Trish? We were treated really well; among other things they ordered some pizza for everyone. It was my first time having Papa Johns pizza and it won’t be my last. I am now proud to say I have two Papas’, Papa John and Papa Gino. They can work out a visitation schedule later.

The Americano I am drinking is starting to kick in and I am having a hard time sitting still and typing so I will wrap this up. I lost my cell phone at the MOJO. They found it after we had been driving for a while. It was much too long to turn around and pick it up but lucky for me Butch the guy who booked our show will be in Austin for SXSW and we are going to meet up with him for operation cell retrieval, I just came up with that name so if no one else knows what you are talking about its because they don’t know what you are talking about.

We drive a few hours to Matt’s friend’s parent’s Virginia home, a lovely ranch, furnished in a country style fitting the house’s architecture and rural setting. Ken, Matt’s friend, greets us in the drive way as we pull in and he leads us to the basement where two beds are made up for us and also down there to greet us is a lovely and adorably sweet dog named Mitzy who I quickly make friends with. Matt and I sleep together and that is then end of day one. Stay tuned for more of my recaps and video tours.