The Motion Sick: Thursday 3-13-08 – Austin – Matt

After fighting with the internets, we stopped at the nearby Starbucks (yes… again) and headed into town. We were playing at 4:30 at one of the venues on 6th street; which is where all the major SXSW shows were happening. Parking in Austin was a bitch; the city closes down 6th street so it is really difficult to park anywhere near your location unless you are a big wig. So, we had to park in a parking garage about 5 blocks away (and 4 stories down). After 3 trips of carrying our gear to the club (and our stuff is heavy.. and I brought all of my smaller gear) we find out they have a backlined drumset. Bastards. So, we have carry the drumset all the way back to the car. After we play; we hang around the city for a while; find some food at a Pita Pit, and I got screwed by being forced into paying extra for Humus on my Falafel, and then having the stupid guy pit tzatziki sauce on it, instead of humus.

We were all pretty beat and knowing that we have a super long Friday, we were in the mood to head back early. However, we had to wait for Patrick to get his phone (where he left it in Delaware). Again, the video explains far more than I will ever be able to say. While we were waiting though; we happened to see Kelly Davidson, (who we met yesterday), Benji Cantor (from Sonicbids and who we met on our last tour!) and their friend Heidi. We chatted with those guys (and Kelly took some great off-the-cuff photos – Thanks!) and once the mission was accomplished (Pat’s phone) we were headed back to the hotel for some TV and sleep.