The Motion Sick: Tour 2008 – 3/6 – St. Charles – Mike

I am still recovering from a couple of days of limited sleep, but we rolled around through Indianapolis and hit a coffee shop and the post office (to mail out some orders we’ve gotten on the road). We drove out to St. Charles and had to kill some time, so we went to play video games at the movie theater. Matt got yelled at for videotaping me playing a sword-fighting video game. I guess video cameras are serious contraband at movie theaters. The staff there kept a watchful eye on us to make sure we didn’t sneak past them into the theater without tickets. I missed some of the gaming, but I know we played some Crazy Taxi and some Operation Terror (probably the wrong title, but some kind of shooter game set in an airport). We’re waiting now outside the venue because we’re early – we sleepy cast of rogues didn’t remember that time-zone switching happened when we drove into Missouri.

I’m back. The Pit is a huge place with a pretty cool layout. The turnout at the show was pretty light for the size of the room, so I think everyone at the venue was a little unhappy. We played pretty well and sold a bunch of CDs and had a good time, so it worked out well for us.

The night was supposed to open with Cold Bear Scout, who didn’t show up and didn’t let anyone know that they weren’t showing up. Next up, The Mirror Stage played some cool downtempo stuff with some nice melodies. I felt bad for Love and a Sidearm, who had set up the show. Their bass player couldn’t make it until very late because of other commitments and they had to begin playing without him. Then, they were plagued with sound problems with the lead vocals. They toughed through it though and did everything they could. Way to go guys!

We went out for some food after the show with the LaaS guys and Jay Bee let us stay at his place. He and his roommate Jason rocked us the Guitar Hero and were very kind hosts to us for the night.