The Motion Sick: Tour 2008 – Indianapolis – 3/5 – Starman

The best part of the tour occurred on this morning. My alter ego was born. I was sleeping and Travis came to wake me up and called me Starman. He and Mike deny it but he definitely did and it was pure kismet since I own a pink spandex suit with a star on it.
We then drove for a while played a few songs at weem radio station and that was fun. Running the station was Jeff assisted by a high school jr with a passion for the broadcast, Nick. One of my favorite things about going on these tours is meeting all these different folks that are involved with music one way or another. Jeff and Nick were some cool dudes.
After the radio station show and interview we drove some more until getting to Indy. We played a show there that was good. We had a good crowd thanks to The Peggy Sues and Jascha. The guitarist and songwriter of The Pegs invited us to spend the night at her house. She had an awesome dog named Lulu Bear who stole my heart and I miss. Lulu if you are reading this I think about you a lot.