The Motion Sick: Tour Blog – 3/6 – St. Charles, MO – Travis

We were up and out of The Peggy Sues house at like 10:30. We found a café in downtown and had some latte’s. We had to go to the post office to mail out some CD’s that people ordered on the website. I mailed a letter and got into it with everyone else in the band because I can’t stand to lick envelopes, so I asked one of them to do it for me… They got all up in arms about why I’m a pussy for not licking envelopes, yet none of them would take on the favor I kindly asked for… Matt finally licked it, and we went on our way. We got on the road and headed to Missouri. I did the driving again as I can’t stand to just sit still. It wasn’t a bad drive, something like 4 hours. The scenery sucked as there isn’t much between Indianapolis and St. Louis. Though, once we got into Missouri there were a ton of cool billboards for different church’s. It’s like a recruiting war in Missouri for your faith, kinda creepy yet compelling.

We arrived at the venue at what we thought was 4:45pm (for a 5pm load in time), but then I quickly realized that we crossed time zones, so it was really 3:45pm. Oops. There was a movie theatre next door, so we decided to try and kill some time and hope they had a video arcade in it. I also had to take a #2, so it seemed like as good a place as any to hang out for a few. Lucky for us, the theatre had some video games (and a bathroom). As Patrick and I were heading to the bathroom one of the theatre employees started yelling at us and told us we couldn’t go in the direction we were headed, without a movie ticket. Then he proceeded to repeat himself over and over and point to the other side of the building, where I could only assume was a bathroom. He was a weird dude. I made it to the bathroom ok if you’re wondering, and if you’re not, now you have a nice visual.

We played a few video games to kill time. Mike has MAD sword fighting skills yo! Patrick plays this game called “Crazy Taxi”, which none of us have ever heard of, but he seems to excel at it. He also played a game where he was driving an 18 wheeler, he also seemed to be good at that too. Maybe Patrick is a closet gamer?

So, we still had mad time to kill so we just sat in the van until it was time to load in. I took a power nap and took some phone calls. This is part of touring that blows. Doing a lot of waiting around with NOTHING to do. Finally, we load in. Good news is, we get to drink “well drinks” for free all night. Bad news is, they didn’t really put any booze in them. Either that, or my tolerance mysteriously skyrocketed in the past few days. I drank quite a few Vodka tonics, and didn’t even get a buzz the whole night. Matt had the same complaint. The venue was ginormous. Huge stage, huge floor space, big sound. The staff was really friendly, and they even fed us whatever food they had in the back, which was really gracious. Unfortunately, there were some sound issues throughout the entire evening, as the engineer was quite inattentive and uninterested in doing sound. I feel kind of bad for Love and A Sidearm, as I think they caught the worst of the bad sound.

After the gig, the boys from Love and A Sidearm and us went to Denny’s. Jay the singer, had me in tears, he’s a funny dude! My highlight of Denny’s was that I ordered one of the greatest burgers EVER! It was called the Slam burger. It’s a burger topped with hash brown casserole, cheese sauce and an egg cooked to order. Holy dear lord it was fucking amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a heart attack waiting to happen, but it was the first real food I’d had since we left and it was AWESOME!

Jay let us stay at his place which was very gracious. His roommate Jason was cool too. We ended up playing some Guitar Hero at like 2am. I think as a whole, The Motion Sick suck at Guitar Hero. I know I do, it was only my second time playing it, but I was terrible. I thought Mike was going to bring his A game to the table, but he sucks too. We ended up crashing at like 3am. Matt’s phone abruptly woke me up at 5am, and we couldn’t find it to turn it off. Unpleasant. Not his fault though, so I’m not mad him.