The Motion Sick: Tour Blog – 3/7 – Jackson, TN – Travis

Well, it’s now 12pm on Friday. We are on our way to Jackson, TN. Still haven’t had any coffee and my head is throbbing. The mid-west apparently doesn’t believe in giving Americans the addiction they so rightfully deserve. We all smell pretty bad as we weren’t able to shower, plus we all smell like smoke. Pat is driving and playing with his hair. Matt and Mike are having a conversation about the local Boston music scene. I’m obviously blogging, so welcome to life on the road. My feet are fucking freezing. I hope as we head further south it gets warmer. I really need coffee, did I mention that? I’m grumpy today. I’m going to try and not piss everyone else off, but I make no promises.

Part of being on the road is the disconnect you feel from the rest of what’s happening in the world. I can deal with not being able to check emails and stuff, but not knowing what’s going on in “local” or world news kind of drives me insane. I need to find a newspaper soon and try to catch up on current events. I also feel disconnected from my friends and loved ones, etc. It causes me a bit of anxiety and stress, but I just have to push through it and deal. Just know that I miss ya’ll!

Ok, well I think I have completed my thoughts for now. I’ll check back in with everyone later. I hope you all are enjoying the blogging and the video. Leave us some comments and let us know! TN is going to get rocked tonight, so say a prayer for them… Until next time, be excellent to each other.