The Motion Sick: Do you know this girl?

I get a massive quantity of spam with subjects like: “this girl is looking for you,” “someone loves you,” “bad girls,” “let’s chat,” etc. For the past six months or so, these messages, of which I’ve received thousands, have almost always contained a photograph of the “girl” who is interested in me. Here she is:

I wonder who this poor girl is. She is now forever associated with some spammer’s endless barrage of silly messages. I’d like to interview her and find out her reaction. I suspect that her picture was just grabbed off myspace or something. Anyone know her?

Maybe it’s not spam after all and she really is interested in me. She is trying very hard to chat with me and I have denied her all this time. Maybe she will stop at nothing to “show me her pictures.” After all, she is “willing to meet with me.” How much longer can I resist!?!?!?!

Here is an example of the e-mails:
“Hello! I am bored this afternoon. I am nice girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at (ADDRESS REMOVED) only, because I am using my friend’s email to write this. I want to show you some pictures.”

UPDATE (7/7/08):
I’ve just started receiving messages from a new “girl” who looks like this: