The Motion Sick: Ash Wednesday Featured Artist: Joe Kowan

I wish I had thought to do this last week for our first residency show.  Perhaps I’ll go back and add features for those bands when I have a chance.  This week, however, you’ll get a little peek at each of the artists performing at Arthur Ashe Wednesday.  Each of these artists, including The Motion Sick has a past affiliation with a Boston movement called Counterfolk.  

First up, Joe Kowan.  

Joe Kowan is a funny, clever songwriter, often seen wearing a sombrero.  He writes about love, parental intercourse, his gangsta lifestyle, religion, and Martha Stewart.  

His song, “Double Sided” has been called the grossest, nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest, totally wrong in so many ways, folk song you’ll ever hear!

Whether singing a dirty song or a clean one, Joe is always entertaining. Best of all, he’ll be ready to play some tennis at Arthur Ashe Wednesday (this Wednesday) at Church!