The Motion Sick: Insane Guitar Amp With A Potty Name (Potty Words Lie Within)

This guitar amp has 23 tubes and an R-rated name!!!!!  I don’t understand why there are no audio demos in the video, but I want one of these.  Only $5000 and from what I can gather, it overheats and explodes pretty much right when you turn it on.  The Motion Sick is hoping for some Metasonix sponsorship if only for a deep discount on the TM-7 Scrotum Smasher Guitar Pedal (“Now you can pound your own happy nutsack.”)

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Man, I can’t get enough of this stuff:

Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe – Disgusting sound – Not pretty, not cheap!
“The TX-2 can accept guitar, mic or line-level signals, though it works best with line level. By utilizing the inherent non-linearity of the 4BN6 tubes, the TX-2 offers a broad range of distortion effects. Carefully adjusting the FIST and REAM controls allows the user to vary the screen-grid voltages of the first two tubes–FIST controls the first (input) tube, REAM the second tube in the string. 

This changes each tube’s gain and distortion behaviour in a very drastic fashion. It can be adjusted from a mild tube-ish warmth, to horrid screaming broken-amp ultra-distortion from HELL. The range of overdrive effects is far vaster and more musically useful than those scores of silly overdrive pedals on the market that are built from ancient Mullard germanium transistors. Instead of simulating tube overdrive with a rare unavailable snob-value antique transistor, Metasonix simulates it WITH TUBES. 

Instability is inherent in a circuit having this much gain, and the third tube provides an extra way of modulating the distortion. Basically, it is wired as a very bad bandpass filter. Filter center frequency is controlled with a “Vactrol” optical resistor, and swept continuously with an LFO built into the TX-2. The sweep may be disabled by turning down the SCREW knob or by plugging an unassigned 1/4″ plug into the CV IN jack. If the latter is done, the SCREW knob will tune the filter manually, giving a vast range of NAUSEATING tonal effects not obtainable with any of the existing effect pedals on the market.

Sound demos here. The drum machine one is kind of hypnotic


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