The Motion Sick: The New Face of The Motion Sick

From now on, whenever you see The Motion Sick anywhere, I will be replaced by a GQ model. I got the idea from the awesome decision by the Chinese olympic organizers to replace a real child singer with a cute girl who can’t hold a tune. (see

I’ll let you guess which is which.  My favorite thing about the photos above is the selection of an unflattering angle and the pale washiness of the image for the “uncute” girl.  Anyway, I know this has happened many times in the music world – Milli Vanilli, C&C Music Factory, and of course, it’s the topic of the fine film Singin’ in the Rain.  However, in this case, it’s a 7 year old.  That’s just mean.  It’s not like the girl has 3 heads.  I am sure that they could have cuted her up sufficiently for their purposes.