The Motion Sick: Potato Flyers

I am not really a fan of most snack chips.  In fact, the only snack-chip kind of thing I really ever eat is pretzels and I haven’t even been eating those much.  I have basically always completely hated potato chips.  However, one snack food came along that I really began to enjoy.  I first had Potato Flyers at a party in Providence.  My first experience with them was that they were terrible…gross, salty, and crunchy in a weird, painful way.  Then, I had them again (why did I try them again? I don’t remember…).  I started to really like them.  The thing was, they only sold them in Providence, not in Boston.  So, everytime I took a trip down to Providence, which was about every other week at the time, I would grab a bag of Potato Flyers.  Then, I went to Providence more infrequently, but found that Potato Flyers were sold in NYC, particularly in Penn Station.  More recently, however, I have not been able to find them anywhere.  Whenever I am in NYC, I look in every store just in case they had some hiding amongst the tings and the veggie booty.  No luck.  My sister Elana recently recognized my plight and sent me a surprise case!  So, I’ve been snacking away.  As my supply dwindles, I keep wondering, why don’t they sell these damn things anywhere!?!?!?!?