Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Dead Confederate, Catfish Haven, Mean Creek, TMS

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Dead Confederate (Athens, GA) is my most favorite thing in years, and they are playing TT The Bears 10/06/08 with:

11:00 Dead Confederate
10:00 Catfish Haven (Chicago)–are Soul
9:15 Mean Creek (Boston) — I wanted to call Mean Creek an “alt-country” act, on the basis that they have a song called “Ohio.” I mean, that is pretty damning. However, they are so much more than that. Head on over to their myspace and take a listen to the soaring Arcade Fire-esque song “Momentary.”
8:30 The Motion Sick (Boston)– is four cute boys playing the Rock ‘n Roll.

The show starts and ends early, so get there early and stay the whole night.

Here is an excerpt from my review of Dead Confederate’s TT’s show last June:

Dead Confederate satisfies all of the desires I have of a band. I find myself listening to their record just about every time I turn my MP3 player on. It is full of builds and swells, dropping into quiet reflective moments and then bashing away until the song resolves itself. Every song is its own brooding story, yet they all pull together into a cohesive little album.Live the band is explosive (clichéd term? Maybe, but it is true). From the first note of the first song I knew I was seeing something special. Two blue-white lights backlit the band and made it seem like they were stepping out from the beyond, caught somewhere between the ether and the dirty floor of the club. Each band mate is seemingly working away on their own, interested in playing what they like, moving and responding to the music in their own way (the keyboardist, for instance, spins and bops and makes hilarious faces, while the drummer thrashes his drums to pieces, the singer swishes his dark hair around and rocks to and fro, the guitarist, who incidentally has an adorable kitten t-shirt on, moves his knees to the beat, and the bass player is mostly still but I get the feeling that he is the one holding the lid on). They are disparate parts working in unison, and yet somehow they seem to share a pulse. Sonically the band was really tight, creating lush arrangements that were grizzly and pounding depending on the moment.

In addition, the band is a group of really sweet, funny guys. Here is the video interview Mike and I conducted with them: