Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Local Band Crush: The Konks

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ).

The Konks occupy some lovable garage-rock space between The Cramps and The Kingsmen. If you’ve ever listened to The Nuggets box set and wished there was a band doing that today, this is it. The singer, Kurt Konk plays just two “lousy” drums — a snare and a floor tom — propped up on milk crates. The guitar player is missing a finger. All of this is documented in their anthemic theme song “29 Fingers” (“29 fingers, only six are thumbs; we’re The Konks, and we don’t care!”) You may have even played this song yourself on Rock Band! 

They will be rocking out to save The Abbey Lounge on September 19th with Black Time (UK), Static Static(CA), Hospital Rats.

Here is video of The Konks playing “29 Fingers” I took at a show a while back: