The Motion Sick: Did I mention that I like Dead Confederate? I do…and they’re coming to Boston

I just got an advance of their debut full-length album, Wrecking Ball,  in the mail today and I am most excitified about it.  I also just saw that they’re playing on Conan O’Brien on October 10th, just a couple of days after their appearance in Boston –

I reviewed their EP and called them an “honest-to-goodness hulking, lumbering giant” and predicted that their full length would end up on a lot of Best of 2008 lists.  They’ve caught the eyes of Rolling Stone ) and Conan O’Brien.  I caught and reviewed their last show in the Boston area at TT’s. 

I remind you all that they are touring this fall and coming to Boston again and not catching them would be silly.
10/6 at TT the Bear’s:
11:00 Catfish Haven
10:00 Dead Confederate
9:00 Mean Creek


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