The Motion Sick: Finally, it’s MC Hammer and The Motion Sick…

Pretty much my entire musical career has been driven by my desire to gain affiliation with Stanley Kirk Burrell, known to most as MC Hammer.  If we are to believe the tentative information below, on September 16, 2008, I will be able to move onto other more important goals, like hanging out with the Pet Shop Boys.  Dance Dance Revolution X for the Playstation 2 is here and we’re #1 (alphabetically anyway).


Tentative Dance Dance Revolution   X PlayStation 2 soundtrack
New songs
Song Artist
“30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix)” The Motion Sick
Always on My Mind Pet Shop Boys
Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal) Purefocus (Fergie Cover)
“Boy (DJ Irene Rockstar Mix)” Book of Love
“Butterfly (2008 X-Edit)”
“Dance Celebration” Bill Hamel feat.kevens
“Dance Floor” neuras feat.Yurai
“Dub-I-Dub (2008 X-Edit)” Me & My
“Feel” Neuropa
“Flight of the Phoenix” Jena Rose
“Flourish” Sonic-coll. feat. Frances Maya
“GET UP’N MOVE (2008 X-edit)” S&K
“Ghetto Blasta Deluxe” Audio Magnetics
“Happy” Fischerspooner
Here It Goes Again Ok Go
“Here We Go” Ozomatli
“HERO (2008 X-edit)” PAPAYA
“Inspiration” DKC Crew
“On the Break” Darwin
“Open” Dub Pistols
“Party Lights” Tommy Sunshine
“Put ‘Em Up” Edun
“Slip Out” Harmony Machine
“Sound of Freedom” Bob Sinclar
“Synthesized” The Epoxies
“Taj He Spitz” DKC Crew
“Tracers (4Beat Remix)” Ruffage & Size
“Ticket to Bombay” Jena Rose
“Till The Lonely’s Gone” Noel Cohen
U Can’t Touch This MC Hammer
“Wine Red (Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch)” The Hush Sound
“Xmix1 (Midnight Dawn)” DJ Jiggens
Returning songs
Song Artist
“GIRIGILI Burning 24H!” Cheki-ROWS
“Poseidon” Naoki Underground
“Puzzle” ???? (Nippon Shounen)
‘S.A.G.A” Veeton
“Stealth” Daisuke Asakura
“Switch” Daisuke Asakura ex. Terra
“TimeHollow” Masanori Akita
“Trust -DanceDanceRevolution Mix” Tatsh feat. Yoko


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