The Motion Sick: Myspace Music – No Deal For Us….at least not yet

Myspace Music launched today.  I am not linking to it nor do I really want to promote it.  I write only to complain that we still have no access to monetizing our music through it.  So, while plays of major label artists (and select indies who are working with Orchard) are now translating to $$ for them, we still have our music on our myspace page and still get nothing for streams or downloads.  I tried to post to CDBaby, our digital distributor’s message board, asking what their plan and status was, but they have not yet approved the post (I suspect they won’t) and despite this being THE biggest digital music news in the past few years, they have yet to make a statement regarding the future of any relations between CDBaby and Myspace.  This sort of encourages me to consider not using them as a digital distributor any longer, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they are absolutely scrambling to get a deal inked.  They’ve generally been great, though sometimes a bit slow in getting our music distributed to digital sales sites.

Anyway, this is extremely frustrating and it feels like we’re missing out on something big – a brand new model (of sorts) for monetizing our music.  I suppose patience is the key here…

I will be holding my breath.


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