The Motion Sick: Semi-Precious Weapons are back!

You might remember a bit back when we played with these modern-day rock legends

Semi-Precious Weapons, the “brilliant” and “kunty” kings of the androgynous, glam revival of the aughts. The Village Voice picked them as the “Best Band in New York” – not one of the best, the best. It’s hard to explain what they’re all about except to say that they’re awesome, fun, funny, and intense. Their two music videos below should give you a good sense of where they’re at and a trip down to The Middle East this weekend should give you an even better sense…

Saturday 9/13 @ The Middle East UpstairsTeam Shred presents Semi-Precious Weapons, Onebigmess (CD release), Sins Of America, Man On Earth 18+ $10


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