The Motion Sick: My Name is Sarah (again)

I had previously posted about the “My Name is Sarah” Project, in which swing-state voters named Sarah who support Obama.

Here’s a follow-up.

“My Name is Sarah” project

With the Democrats ahead in the polls, and all our friends and
neighbors voting Obama, it’s hard to imagine a place like Gio’s BBQ in
Woodland PA where Undecided voters wonder whether Obama supporters
really have anything at all in common with them. The Sarah videos are
our reply.

Today we launch three of the five videos in our “Sarah Series”. These are portraits of “real” Sarahs, who live in swing states, share the same hopes and concerns as their neighbors, and are supporting Barack Obama for president.

We hope these videos become calling-cards to Undecided voters. Here’s how you can help:

1) Watch the videos:

2) Forward this email to friends and family

3) Post the project link on your social networking site:

4) Ask Sarahs/Saras and friends of Sarahs from any state to write in
with their “Sarah Stories” for the blog:

5) Send the video links to people you know in PA, OH, and NH.




New Hampshire:

The “My Name Is Sarah” project is a small film and web production team
from the East and West coasts. Three weeks ago, we met in Harrisburg
PA and spent eight days in a mini-van searching the swing states for
women named Sarah who support Obama.

From a Chicago Tribune story on our project, “Not all Sarahs have the
same political views…. .” Sarahs from across the country have
written into our blog to share their stories and hopes for the country.
You can read what they’ve written here:

This project is being made possible entirely through the volunteered
time of our crew, web production agency (WiseElephant), PR agency
(Aigner-Prensky Marketing), as well as the generous donations of
friends, family, and people we’ve never met. We thank them all very

And we thank you for your time and help getting these videos in front
of Undecided voters. More Sarah videos coming soon!

-The “My Name Is Sarah” Crew

PS – call to Action #6: Send us your own version of a “Sarah” video
and we’ll post it on the site (probably).

Tanit Sakakini

Facebook: MyNameIs Sarah

YouTube: MyNameIsSarahProject

Twitter: maynameis_sarah



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