DNFMOMD: Gah! So very mad at the music industry suddenly:

So I read a few weeks ago that they were reissuing PJ Harvey records on vinyl. Any PJ Harvey fan knows that “Rid of Me” sounds like complete crap on CD. It was mastered so badly, with very, very loud highs and very low, lows, so much so that you turn it way up to hear a whisper, and then get blasted 3 seconds later with a scream. The LP does not have these issues. Also, I was excited to get  “To Bring You My Love” as long as I was gonna be buying things.  So, I added them to my cart on Amazon, but did not actually click on pre-order.  Today, I go back in to actually order the items and I’m greeted with “Rid Of Me (180 Gram Vinyl) PJ Harvey  This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.” Gah! Those teases!