The Motion Sick: Amanda Palmer: “Oasis”

A while back, Amanda Palmer (1/2 of the Dresden Dolls with a new solo record produced by Ben Folds), was one of the judges in the SPIN Hot Pursuit contest that we chose to drop out of because of the contract.

She very kindly said of our video for “30 Lives”:
“Super-derivative but fun, and what’s not derivative these days. charming, hook-heavy, manages to lay down social commentary over their hand-claps (always good), we like harmonies. lyrics inspired by kurt vonnegut and twin peaks. indie poppy, bitey and i likey.”

So, now we review her video for Oasis. Okay, not so much review as just post it. It’s a fun, catchy song with a complete disregard for political correctness. What makes the video for me are the facial expressions of Amanda and backstabbing pal Melissa Mahoney:

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