The Motion Sick: Read SPIN Magazine!

I can’t say we’re lucky enough to be in it this month, but I’ve been reading SPIN every month since they started posting a free digital version ) and I have to say there is some really great stuff in it this month. I’ve been generally impressed with the types of bands they’ve been covering dating back to when we appeared a few times in SPIN Magazine and other SPIN-related things:[1][2][3][4][5][6]

The magazine is really different from the SPIN that I read as a wee boy in the ’90s.

Anyway, this month includes some really great articles including:
– a heated interview with Lou Reed
– a great article about copycat song recordings selling on iTunes
– a great piece by Michael Azerrad about music critic death threats (sort of)

You might remember Michael from when we played with his band Golden Bloom (AKA Shawn Fogel) a few months back at The Middle East. Don’t forget to check out their great music video at:

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