The Motion Sick: Love Will Tear Us Apart

The blog “Don’t Judge Song by the Cover (sic)” has included our version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in its collection of said song. Normally, we’d file lawsuits and have our lawyers call theirs and yell at them in a threatening voice and send a paratrooper squad in to shut down their servers and sue kids who download from them and sue kids who upload to them and complain that our revenue stream has been destroyed by piracy, but since it’s the holiday season, we’ll let it go.

We’ve actually also admitted in the past (see that we’re pretty unhappy with our recording of the song, so please don’t hold it against us. I personally am a fan of the original by Joy Division (of course) and the Squarepusher version…and maybe that is it (at least that I am aware of). We chose to record the song because it went over well live, but the recording didn’t really capture what we hoped it would. I blame myself on that one. Oh well.

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