The Motion Sick: My Sister on Rock the Reception this Thursday

For fans of feel-good reality TV.

Although The Motion Sick didn’t perform live as was considered at one point, my sister does appear this Thursday, December 4 at 8:30am on TLC’s now-cancelled “Rock the Reception.” My sister-in-law-once-removed Emily Eddey does a little singing during the slow dance part of the reception rocking, so there’s a bit of rad live performance even if “30 Lives” didn’t make the cut.

Originally, I was to appear in the dance, but The Motion Sick’s television contract prevents me from doing non-sanctioned appearances with approval of a committee of representatives. It requires a 2/3rds majority for cable, 4/5ths for network television, and 1/10th for cable access. Also, they had too many people and had to cut some, so I volunteered out.

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