The Motion Sick: Nostalgia

I was at Stop & Shop getting my weekly groceries, and I happened upon this glorious display:

Close Up Here:

For those of you who have never seen Flutie Flakes, they were created by Flutie as a fundraiser for Autism (Doug Jr. is autistic). More info here: Flutie Flakes

I actually couldn’t bring myself to purchase any, but I have waxed nostalgic about Flutie Flakes in the past. It was a little upsetting for two reasons…

#1. There was no team specification for Flutie… whose uniform is he wearing?

#2. The flakes were selling selling for 2/$5. Clearly, they were trying to get rid of them as fast as possible.

However, I have learned that Flutie’s cereal of choice has been re-issued for their 10th anniversary (they were introduced during his first season in Buffalo). No sign of the Flutie candy bar or the Flutie Fruties fruit snacks. More Flutie Flake info here.

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