Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Late-Night Crush: Bang Camaro on Conan O’Brien 1/6

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). This Tuesday, January 6, Conan O’Brien features celebrities Kate Hudson and Tim Daly and (Boston’s very own) musical guests Bang Camaro. In case you’ve been under 5 high-piled rocks, Bang Camaro is a gang-vocal driven hard rock band…and they are not joking:
We call ourselves the evolution of hard rock. We took everything that we loved about the genre from the ‘80’s, and threw everything out that we hated. In other words, we got rid of the verses. Who wants to hear the lead singer rhyme ‘fire’ and ‘desire’? What we ended up with are huge gang choruses and guitar solos. It’s not everyone’s thing, and that’s cool.
“Pleasure, Pleasure”

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“Push Push (Lady Lightning)”