Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush Wrap-Up: 1/8 at Great Scott: Forest Henderson, The Lights Out, The New Collisions

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This past Thursday at Great Scott, I caught a great lineup: Forest Henderson, The Lights Out, and The New Collisions. Sir Q the Imposter also played, but alas, it was a school night, so I had to miss their set mostly. Next time! I took some photos and video, but I don’t shoot with a flash, so you’ll have to pardon the lighting, which was red and low, setting a certain mood for the whole night. The sets were all relatively short, but it kept things moving nicely. Greg Hawkes (best known as the keys player for The Cars) was in attendance and he was a very sweet and kind fellow. I learned that he is involved in some really neat projects now and you’ll hear more about
them in a post later this week.

Forest Henderson started the night off with a series of catchy songs. What makes FH most interesting is that they cover a pretty diverse set of thing including a mix of current dance-rock, Americana, Southern rock, classic rock, pub rock, indie/alt, and a little bit of college funk. It’s really nice to hear a wide range of music stuffed into a 30-minute set and they manage to tie it together in a nice package. The songs are concise, but include some space for instrumental interludes and solos.

The Lights Out always slam with tight power-pop numbers decorated with clever melodies, soaring harmonies, and frenetic delivery.

The New Collisions are pretty new to the Boston music scene. They haven’t even released any recorded material yet, but they’ve already perked ears all around the city with their throwback new-wave stylings and sounds. As far as they’re concerned, CBGBs never shut down.