Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Muy Cansado @ The Middle East Up 1/16/09

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). I’ve got a couple of quick ones for you because there are some great shows coming up this weekend!

Muy Cansado, which translates to “very tired,” exhibits no exhaustion with their supermelodic, Pixiesesque rock songs. (They’ve even got dual male/female vocalists.) The songs pop and bounce with driving bass and repeated anthemic shouts. Their mantra, according to their web site is: “The Talking Heads were a punk band.” So be it.

Check out their music at:

Then, go see them this Friday (that’s tomorrow!) at The Middle East Upstairs with:

The Diamond Mines
Yoni Gordon & The Goods
White Problems (formerly Young Believers)

18+ $9