Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Not the Rumble 1/27 @ Great Scott

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ).

Stranded in Stereo and Future Sounds are holding a show that is, for a reason that was not at all apparent to me, called The Rumble (they say originally called SIS Club Nights). I think it might be a national series, as it has been done in other cities, but they apparently haven’t taken note of the fact that “The Rumble” means a very specific thing in Boston. I am going to excuse it this one time because they’ve got a good lineup on the show, but next time they better come up with a new name, like the Hometown Throwdown or something.

In addition to some DJ-spintime super action provided by Jay from Clicky Clicky Music Blog, they’ve got the Musey, Radioheadific rock of Spectator, the moody, soaring stylish ghost songs of This Car Up, and some acoustic-driven alt-rock from Montreal’s Black Diamond Bay, the only act of the three that is not Boston-based.

1/27 @ Great Scott – 18+ 9pm $6