Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Bad Photo / Lovely Music Crush: Sydney Wayser @ Cafe 939 – 2/13

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). I am feeling a little mean-spirited today. I have a pounding headache that is probably part of my ongoing 4-month sinus irritation. I present these as defenses, but the real truth is that I am kind of a snarky fellow somtimes. One of my favorite pastimes is laughing at musician/band photos that contain one of two absolutely terrible, stupid, awful, horrible, (did I mention terrible) settings. Those two settings (in reverse order of severity of foolishness) are: 1. train tracks and 2. brick walls. I am thinking of starting a regular feature on here presenting good artists photographed with either train tracks or brick walls. If I am very lucky, I may find an artist that manages to incorporate both into their photo. If I am extra lucky, they might be looking off into the distance with some aloofness painted onto their face.

So, here I am, being mean to Sydney Wayser for no good reason. Sydney, please don’t be upset by this. You make really lovely gentle music with great instrumentation, pleasant hooks, and nice flow. I really do genuinely…holy crap…I just went to look at Sydney’s Reverbnation page and what do I see:

I swear to you all, I did not see this picture earlier. I can’t write any more, I am textless. Anyway, the music is nice girlie indie stuff in the Leslie Feist realm. Listen to it below and go see her play. Please, while you’re there, help take some new photos of this lovely young lady…

February 13, 2009
Sydney Wayser @ Cafe 939 at Berklee
Boston, MA
Door Time: 8:00pm
Ticket Price: $12.00